Linkel Company, LLC has the ability and experience to work with state and local governments to maintain and/or improve sites across the tri-state area.

As our company has grown over the past several years, our area of expertise has expanded.

Initially Linkel Co, LLC worked specifically with Right-of-Way mowing for the state and other government facilities. Although we currently continue to offer Right-of-Way mowing, our company also offers assistance with water way debris removal, roadside sweeping and parking lot sweeping, bridge repair, wildflower and highway beautification projects, tree trimming and tree removal or clearing and demolition work. Linkel Company, LLC is also licensed to remove waste oil to be repurposed.

We primarily work with the states of Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky; however, our services can extend beyond those parameters depending on our eligibility.

Please contact Tom Linkel to determine if Linkel Company, LLC can assist your organization with projects around the tri-state at 812-934-5190.