Linkel Company tractors


During our peak season, Linkel Company, LLC employs approximately 90 people. Our workers are required to travel and be away from home typically Monday – Friday.

Positions available throughout the year are listed below. If you have interest in any of the positions, please apply online and someone from our staff will respond to your inquiry.

Weed Trimmer, litter removal and/or general laborer

Our general laborers have various jobs depending on the contract being performed. Typically, a general laborer will be operating a weed trimmer along the interstate or picking up litter for our state contracts along the interstate. A valid driver license is preferred.

Mower/Tractor Driver and/or general operator

Our general operators will usually operate a tractor with a bat wing mower attached on our state mowing contracts. Previous experience operating a tractor is preferred and a valid driver license is also preferred.

Contractor Foreman

Foreman are in charge of an entire crew on the road. He/she is required to keep daily logs of work completed. They maintain communication with state inspectors, employees and our office. They must assist in maintaining equipment while on the projects and in the shop.